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About Us

We are delivering beautiful digital products for you

techoniq has been developing user-friendly mobile applications and websites for clients around the globe for over five years. We hold great expertise and have contributed to the IT field. Known for dedication and unparalleled support, we offer smart solutions to all types of companies. 

At techoniq ltd, we strive to provide companies with a technological edge to compete with major players and find success. Our clients are always welcome to provide feedback as we believe that collaboration is integral. With our top-notch services including mobile application development, you can achieve all your goals. 

About Us

As an emerging team of creative individuals, we develop innovative solutions that allow our clients to stand out. We follow a well-developed structure that is based on well-established software engineering principles to ensure quality. To provide a wide range of services, we harness the full potential of cutting-edge technologies. 

Take your business idea to the next level with techoniq! We are the leading mobile application development in the UK and offer state of the art solutions to all types of businesses around the globe. There is no project that we cannot take on.


Eliminate The IT Challenges Your Business Is Facing

techoniq offers scalable solutions to companies of all sizes. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to actualize our clients’ dreams. Created by a group of friends, we provide smart, innovative services that you can rely on. Today, we cater to big names

We have established our name by closely listening to the needs of our clients and understanding their expectations. As the market is continuously changing, we not only analyze information but also customize it to suit your business offering. Become a part of our fast growing customer base by getting in touch with us. We would be delighted to assist you.

We Provide Best Solution For Your Business

techoniq is on a mission to offer high quality service to businesses. We want to help our clients grow and become a major player in their industry. Our focus is on every aspect of your company to ensure that you stand out. 

We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we help companies grow by providing a unique service that suits their requirements.

Why Choose Us

Timely Delivery

When you choose techoniq for mobile application development or any other service, we plan the Project Development schedule to ensure that the project is scheduled on time and all your requirements are met. If you require a quick service, we are your best option. 

Quality Work

techoniq believes in delivering a quality service to our clients through regular discussion and feedback. We do not compromise on quality and are always willing to make necessary changes to provide the ultimate solution. 

Flexible Pricing

To maintain transparency and cater to every budget, we provide flexible pricing options. You can opt for an hourly-based or project-based pricing model. Our goal is to deliver maximum benefits to clients. 


I.T Consultancy & Solutions

  • React Native Application

  • Android Application

  • IOS Application

  • Flutter Application

  • Web Application

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Contact Us

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